IDC: HP, Dell and Lenovo performance in India PC market

The India PC market declined 8.3 percent — for the third consecutive quarter – to 2.15 million units in Q1 2019, according to IDC’s PC market share report.
India PC market Q1 2019
The Indian PC market remained weak outside big commercial deals due to weak consumer demand, high inventory from previous quarters, and supply issues for Intel chips.

Notebook business, which contributed 61.4 percent of the overall India traditional PC market shipments, posted 9.8 percent decline.

The consumer PC market dropped 26.5 percent mainly because of low discretionary spending and seasonality. The low spending was partially because of macroeconomic factors such as shrinking industrial output and slowdown in consumer spending.

Gaming PC segment saw good traction through both online and retail as vendors decreased GPU prices.

“Spending towards Ultraslim notebooks is increasing as owing to factors such as improved mobility due to the thinness of the product and enhanced aesthetics,” said Bharath Shenoy, market analyst, PCs, IDC India.

Indian commercial PC market grew 7.3 percent to 1.35 million units — primarily driven by ELCOT shipments of around 159,000 units which got partially executed in Q1.

Demand from BFSI and IT/ITES sector remained good in 2019Q1 but the main segment driver was ELCOT.

PC market share

HP has market share of 28.1 percent in Indian PC market. HP India’s PC shipments fell 9.7 percent mainly due to 21.3 percent drop in consumer segment. HP did not see any major dip in the commercial PC shipment despite elections leading to delayed projects.

Dell has 25.9 percent share in the India PC market. Dell achieved year-on-year growth of 2.2 percent and quarter-on-quarter growth of 26.7 percent in the PC market. Dell’s commercial PC business rose 25.9 percent.

Lenovo has a market share of 25.2 percent in PC market in India. Lenovo’s PC business has achieved growth of 6.2 percent year-on-year and 29.2 percent sequentially. Lenovo witnessed a dip in consumer segment. Lenovo’s commercial PC business rose 70.8 percent driven by partial execution of ELCOT deal.

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