HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 and HP Z Turbo Drive launched

Enterprise networking vendor HP today announced HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 and HP Z Turbo Drive, updates to its virtual workstation and real-time collaboration software to enable remote workstation productivity from a Windows 8 tablet.

The company said HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 will be available on HP Z Workstations starting in July. It will be available for free download by existing HP Z Workstation customers in mid-May. It willbe available for purchase in mid-May for use on all other supported hardware.

HP Z Turbo Drive will launch with two capacities available, 256 GB and 512 GB, priced at $499 and $899, respectively. It will be available starting in May.

Hp Z Turbo drive

HP Remote Graphics Software 7.0 enables collaboration between multiple users simultaneously. By turning swipes into hot keys, gestures into control keys and pinches into zooms, HP RGS 7.0 increases productivity for remote users of touch PCs or Windows 8 tablets, including the new HP ElitePad 1000.

HP Z Turbo Drive, a PCIe-based SSD (Solid State Drive) for desktop workstations, allows users to access up to twice the performance at a cost similar to today’s standard SATA SSD. HP Z Turbo Drives reduce boot up, calculation and graphics response times—even with 4K video—and revolutionizes how HP Z Workstations handle large files.

The company said HP RGS remote desktop software enables animators, designers and engineers to work and collaborate more efficiently across geographies by connecting them to their high-powered workstations, wherever they may be.

HP RGS remote software protocol allows users to host interactive collaboration sessions. HP RGS delivers the fastest response time of any workstation-class remote software protocol and supports Linux applications. With HP Velocity 2.1 bundled with RGS, the connection stays live even in poor network conditions.

The company said HP Z Turbo Drive offers the fastest storage performance in its class and at a price comparable to solutions with less than one-third the speed. It uses industry-standard PCIe protocol to deliver blazingly fast speed. Z Turbo Drive is a cost-effective way to gain storage speed for HP Z Desktop Workstations.

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