HP leads PC market in Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa (META)

IDC’s latest forecast indicates that PC shipment in the META region (Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa) will reach 13.55 million in 2024.

HP laptop sales campaign

AI-enabled PCs are forecast to account for around 10 percent of all PC shipments to the META region this year.

“PC vendors are not opening up a new market, just that many of their shipments going forward will have AI capabilities,” Isaac T. Ngatia, an analyst at IDC, said. “These will include features such as live captioning, Recall for Windows 11, and even copilots to help users play Minecraft, but the devices are not coming to address a new segment or market.”

PC shipment in the Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa (META) increased 12.2 percent to 3.53 million units in Q1 2024, according to IDC.

PC shipment in the Middle East and Turkiye saw growth of 16.2 percent. PC shipment to Africa increased 3.5 percent.

HP (24.5 percent), Lenovo (24.5 percent), Dell Technologies (14.2 percent), ASUS (9.3 percent), Apple (5 percent), and Acer Group (3.8 percent) are the top PC makers in META region.

Both the commercial and consumer segments remained strong across the META region in Q1 2024, returning growth of 12.4 percent and 12.1 percent, respectively.

The average selling price (ASP) for personal computing devices remained relatively flat in Q1 2024, up by 0.8 percent YoY but down by 1.3 percent on the previous quarter. PC vendors have tried to maintain their price points to drive demand.

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