HP beats Lenovo to regain leadership in notebook market

HP has beaten Lenovo in Q3 2020 — for the first time in years by a slim margin — to regain leadership in the notebook PC market, the latest Strategy Analytics report indicated.
HP advanced laptops
HP has shipped 14.7 million notebooks during the third quarter of 2020 as compared with 14.6 million by Lenovo, 8.5 million by Dell, 6 million by Apple and 4.9 million by Acer.

HP has increased its notebook share to 23.6 percent in Q3 2020 from 22.2 percent in Q3 2019.

Lenovo’s  notebook share decreased to 23.6 percent from 25.3 percent.

Dell’s notebook share fell to 13.7 percent from 15.6 percent.

Apple’s notebook share dropped to 9.7 percent from 9.3 percent.

Acer’s notebook share dipped to 7.9 percent from 8 percent.

The notebook PC industry rose 34 percent as the world moves on to new options of remote working, education and digitalisation,according to Strategy Analytics’ latest report.

This high growth rate was actually limited by tight supply in the face of record demand, adding more drama to the competitive landscape as winter and more Covid-19 lockdowns approach.

“Supply will remain a key concern as demand is expected to stay high amid rising COVID-19 infections around the world as the Northern Hemisphere enters a very difficult winter. With the pandemic still lingering across the globe, consumers have started their purchases before the holiday season to prepare for the new normal of working and studying from home,” Chirag Upadhyay, senior research analyst, said.

Chromebook delivered strong growth in both commercial and consumer segments as the operating system remained the favourite option for schools and students in developed markets.

“The Gaming and Ultramobile segments performed very well as consumers spent more money on notebooks being used for multiple tasks (entertainment and productivity) for an extended period of time,” Eric Smith, director – Connected Computing, said.

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