How to update software on your Mac and iOS devices

Updating software on a regular basis is really important, especially when it comes to Mac and iOS devices. Updates include bug fixes, patches for any breaches in security, and even software performance. By keeping your devices up to date, you can avoid most software-related problems. If you’re looking to update your Mac and iOS devices, this article will be of great use to you!
update software on mac and ios
If you use various applications on your Mac or iOs, then you should look at the full list of iOS apps that won’t be available on Apple Silicon Mac as some of these applications could stop working when you update your software.

Use the software update feature

It’s really easy to update the software on your Mac device without using an external software update manager. By following these steps, you can quickly update your Mac device.

# Go up to your Apple Menu and look for ‘System Preferences.’

# Once you’ve opened System Preferences, click on ‘Update Software.’ This dialog box will automatically check for any macOS software updates. If there are any updates, it’ll download them and install them on your device.

If you don’t wish to come and check for updates every time, click on the box at the bottom of the ‘Update Software page’ that reads ‘Automatically keep my Mac up to date.’ By clicking on this option, your device will regularly check for updates and download them as soon as they are available.

Steps to update applications and other software on your Mac

Updating your applications regularly is necessary for good performance, remove any bugs that are fixed in the new update, and maintain your data’s security. You can easily update the applications that you have downloaded from the App Store, similar to iOS.

Follow these steps to update your applications:

# In the menu bar on the left side, you’ll find ‘Updates’ at the very bottom. Click on it.

# You’ll be able to see all the applications that you have installed and need to be updated. You can either update all of them together by clicking the ‘Update All’ button or individually update applications.

# It’s recommended that you update any application you keep on your device.

If you don’t wish to update apps manually, go to the Update Software page again and click on ‘Advanced Setting.’ In there, you’ll find an option that reads ‘Install app updates from the App Store.’ Once it is selected, all your apps will be updated as soon they an update is available.

If you have software installed on your Mac that wasn’t downloaded from the App Store, you can either look for an update option in the software application itself or go up on the website and download the latest version available. Again, keeping any old software on your Mac can risk the security of your data and should be updated as soon as possible.

Now that we’ve discussed how to update Mac devices, let’s move on to iOS devices.

Steps to Update your iOs Device

Before you update your iOS device, it is recommended that you backup all your data on iCloud as an error while updating could cause loss of data.

With that clear, here the steps to follow to update your iOS device:

# Connect your device to a power plug and connect your device to an Internet Wifi.

# Then open your Settings app and click on General.

# In General, you’ll find the ‘Software Update’ option.

# Tap ‘Download and Install’ to download your iOS update. Once the update is downloaded, your phone will shut down and will reboot once the installation is done.

# If you don’t wish to update during the day and delay it till the night, click on ‘Update Tonight’ and plug in your phone before you sleep. The device will be automatically updated during the night.

Similar to Mac, you can opt for automatic updates and installation. As long as your device is connected to an Internet Wifi, it will be updated as soon as there is a new update.

Steps to update applications in your iOS

Similar to Macs, you can update applications on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod through the app store. Look for the Update option and either click on Update All or update apps individually.

It’s not often that people download applications from a place other than the App Store on iOS devices but if you do, then you can visit the app’s website for any new updates.


By following these steps, you’ll find it really easy to keep all your macOS and iOS devices up to date. It’s really important that you regularly update your applications to ensure that all of them are updated. If you find any difficulty in updating your software, you can look for answers in Apple’s forums and FAQs.

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