How Dell improved business in Indian enterprise space?

Dell shop in Mumbai
Dell says it has improved its business in the Indian enterprise space.

The enterprise IT vendor, quoting IDC reports, said it has 21.6 percent share in the overall PC market, while its commercial PC share is 23.9 percent in Q2 2015. In fact, Dell said its commercial PC share rose 5.7 percent.

Dell is the market leader in the commercial notebook segment with a unit shipment share of 32.5 percent. With 6.6 percent growth in the shipment of commercial notebooks space, Dell gained 16 percent in units share.

The company is dominating the Indian workstation market with 47.6 percent share. Dell said its workstation business rose 11 percent growth in unit shipment, and 3.7 percent increase in unit share.

Retail presence has supported Dell to growth its business in India. Dell has a retail presence in more than 1,000 cities across India and 475 Dell Exclusive Stores in over 300 cities. Dell plans to double these numbers by the end of 2015.

Its outreach to customers to ensure sustained conversations and relationships, as well as partner engagement to energize the channel to collaborate and serve customers were key contributors to the commercial business performance.

“We have made a conscious effort to create a range of offerings for our customers keeping in mind their varying technology requirements and need for high performance devices that are built for business,” said Indrajit Belgundi, general manager, Client Solutions Business.

Dell’s Commercial Notebooks business has seen an increasingly positive response from customers – both CIOs and end users – over the past few quarters.

The strategy of Dell is to deliver technology solutions in markets from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

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