Google Unveils Enhanced Chromebook Plus, Integrating Advanced Features and AI Capabilities

Google has introduced an innovative category of Chromebooks, revolutionizing the personal computing experience for users. The new Chromebook Plus series promises double the performance, seamlessly integrating Google apps and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.
Chromebook Plus with AI capabilitiesProductivity Boost with Enhanced Features and Adobe Photoshop Integration

Available at a competitive starting price of $399, the Chromebook Plus series offers an array of features aimed at enhancing productivity. Google Photos Magic Eraser and Adobe Photoshop on the web are among the integrated tools to empower users with creative capabilities, John Maletis, Vice President, ChromeOS Product, Engineering and UX, said in a blog post.

Availability and Partnerships for Enhanced Standard of Performance

Starting from October 8 in the US, consumers can order the Chromebook Plus laptops from major retailers. In Canada and Europe, the availability will commence on October 9. Google collaborated closely with industry leaders Acer, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo to establish a guaranteed standard of performance, ensuring users can reliably accomplish their tasks.

Full HD Display and Advanced Webcam for Immersive Experience

All Chromebook Plus laptops feature a Full HD IPS display, providing users with an exceptional 1080p HD experience. Moreover, the devices come equipped with a 1080p+ webcam, incorporating temporal noise reduction for smoother, more lifelike video calls.

High-End Specifications and Integration of AI Features

The Chromebook Plus series boasts high-end specifications, including Intel Core i3 12th Gen or above, or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above, 8GB+ RAM, and 128GB+ internal storage. Google has extended premium features from Google Meet to Chromebook Plus, leveraging the enhanced camera, processor, and AI capabilities within the operating system.

Chromebook Shipments and Market Leaders

Recent data from IDC revealed a contraction in Chromebook shipments during 2Q23, totaling 5.8 million units, reflecting a 1.8 percent decline compared to the previous year. Leading the Chromebook market during the second quarter of 2023 were HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and ASUS.