F&D launches two new 2.1 wireless Bluetooth speakers

W330BT Speaker

Infotech Lead India: Fenda Audio has unveiled W330BT and W130BT, the 2.1 wireless Bluetooth speakers, the new additions to its speaker range.

Both speakers are SIG certified and powered by the CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset that provides full, clear sound with a bass. While the W330 boasts of a 56W output and up to 28W of subwoofer output, the W130 gives a 42W output.

Both products have beautiful exterior design. The W330 has a slight edge and golden rings at its center. It also packs along a super volume knob and a white LED ring with treble and bass control coming on the side panel. The W130 has a heavy-duty look with a solid metal grill.


W130BT Speaker


These wireless speakers consume less power and do not occupy too much desk space in urban settings. These speakers offer smooth connectivity to phones and tablets. Videos and games can be connected to the speakers for a delightful audio experience.

Both the W130 and W330 are compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads as well as Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones besides other Bluetooth devices.

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