ECI Telecom selects LetMobile to power Bring Your Own Device initiative

Infotech Lead Middle East: ECI Telecom, a provider of network solutions, has selected LetMobile to power their Bring Your Own Device initiative.

The deployment of LetMobile’s Secure Mobile E-mail product enabled ECI Telecom employees to securely access corporate mail, calendar and contacts from personal mobile devices.

“With LetMobile, we can secure corporate information and comply with regulations in multiple regions, while enabling employees to access their corporate mail from their personal mobile devices,” said Yuval Illuz, head of Global Infrastructure, IT Innovation and Information Security at ECI.

“We have a large number of employees at many sites, using a growing number of devices. LetMobile gave us the flexibility and low cost of ownership that we needed to meet this challenge. Just as important, LetMobile works within the employees’ original, native mail apps and does not interfere with their personal use of the device. As a result, we’ve been able to eliminate all direct access to corporate mail outside of the LetMobile secure gateway,” Illuz added.

ECI selected LetMobile Secure Mobile E-mail as it met their requirements for security and compliance, low total cost of ownership, and positive user experience. The company rolled out a pilot program in November 2011, and moved into deployment in December.

Today, hundreds of ECI employees are using LetMobile to securely access their corporate mail from their personal iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

LetMobile assisted ECI to meet employees’ demands to access corporate mail from their personal devices. ECI also addressed security issues.

“The large deployment at ECI on a variety of devices demonstrates that our Secure Mobile Gateway approach is optimal for personal mobile devices. It is virtually transparent to end-users, yet provides the ultimate in security – data that is not stored on the device cannot be lost, stolen or hacked,” said Dror Todress, CEO of LetMobile.

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