Diligent Robotics Secures $25 mn to Expand Moxi Robot Deployment

Diligent Robotics, a pioneer in robotic automation within the healthcare industry, has announced a major milestone in its growth trajectory with $25 million in new VC funding. Canaan spearheaded this investment round, with support from True Ventures, DNX Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, and welcomed Northwestern Medicine Innovation as a strategic investor.
Diligent Robotics
The influx of funds is slated to drive a nationwide expansion of their groundbreaking Moxi robot across hospitals, facilitate robust product development, and extend their market reach threefold.

Diligent Robotics stands as the visionary creator of Moxi, an unparalleled socially-intelligent robotic teammate revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. Moxi integrates seamlessly within health systems, amplifying operational efficiency for hospital care teams. By automating routine tasks, it liberates valuable time for healthcare professionals to focus on direct patient care and elevate the standard of their practice.

Co-founded by Dr. Andrea Thomaz and Dr. Vivian Chu, Diligent Robotics has achieved a technological marvel in the field of robotics. Their cutting-edge advancements empower robots to collaborate and adapt effectively within human environments. Moxi’s pivotal role encompasses streamlining hospital-wide deliveries of supplies, equipment, medication, and lab materials. Moreover, it facilitates the scaling of essential programs such as Meds to Beds, Just in Time Logistics, and Virtual Nursing, further enriching the healthcare ecosystem.

Currently integrated and operational in over 22 health systems, encompassing more than 200 hospitals nationwide, Moxi has proven its transformative potential. Leading health systems like NorthShore – Edward-Elmhurst Health, MultiCare Health System, and The University of Texas-affiliated network of health systems have already embraced this innovative technology. Diligent Robotics anticipates an ambitious tripling of its market presence within the next 24 months, encompassing extensive systemwide expansion within the majority of these health systems.

The investment by Canaan and a consortium of renowned venture firms underscores the industry’s confidence in Diligent Robotics’ vision and their pioneering strides toward enhancing healthcare efficiency through robotic automation. With this substantial funding, the company is well-positioned to accelerate its mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery and elevate patient care through the advancement of robotics.

Caption: Dr. Andrea Thomaz and Dr. Vivian Chu from Diligent Robotics