Dell Tech Concierge priced at $239 plus tax for one year

Infotech Lead Asia: Dell Tech Concierge, a personalized preventative care for any Windows PC and connected device in the home, is available at a price of $239 plus tax for one year.

The new service, which is currently available in the U.S., is part of Dell’s enhanced home services and solutions portfolio to help people do more with their technology.

Dell Tech Concierge, an annual subscription-based phone and chat service, offers continuous and personalized technology care for any Windows PC and connected devices such as routers, printers, music players, smartphones and tablets.

The 24×7 service provides easy access to PC and consumer electronics experts, who can help customize a customer’s digital life, set up PC maintenance, active PC monitoring and protect data, etc.

Dell’s concierge agents can also help answer any technology question as well as provide tips and tricks. The service includes automated, regular online backups and support for virus or malware removal, wireless connectivity and printers.

Bobbi Dangerfield, vice president of sales operations and customer service at Dell, said: “So many of us can’t live without the devices and PCs we count on for work, school, family planning and play, and this service is just one way Dell is helping customers get more out of their technology experience and stay connected without missing a beat.”


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