Dell plans to expand operations and headcount in India

Infotech Lead Asia: Dell is planning to expand its operations and headcount in India.

The computing major has already grown from one person to about 27,000-strong workforce in India in about a decade.

“India has been a great growth story for Dell. We have quite a large presence there and I personally visit the country few times a year. We have a great team there and about 27,000 people,” said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell.

Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell

Dell said the company’s plant in Chennai and the operations and staff size in the country would continue to expand as per the size of the business.

“If business gets bigger we would expand our operations. When we started in India, we had one person and then we had one thousand, then we went on to ten thousand and today we have 27,000 people working for us there,” Dell told PTI when asked about the company’s expansion plans for India.

Refusing to put any figures to the company’s hiring or other expansion plans for the country, Dell said that the company has never given any estimates and still it has grown from one person to 27,000 people.

“All this has been through our natural progression in the country that would continue going ahead. What is impressive about India is that you have an enormous population of very well educated young people and we love the talent that is available in India, so we are going to keep growing in India,” he said.

“We have grown from one person to 27,000 staff without giving estimates and we are still growing continuously and that would continue. One thing you can be assured of is that we will certainly continue to expand our operations in India,” Dell added.

Globally, Dell has a headcount of more than one lakh people. Dell has about half a dozen manufacturing plants across the world, including one in Chennai, India.

Dell has reported revenues of $62.1 billion in 12 months to February 3, 2012. Net profit of Dell was $3.5 billion.

Recently, there have been reports about making US-listed Dell a privately held company, as also about software giant Microsoft being in talks with private equity investors on a possible buyout of Dell. When asked about these reports, Michael Dell declined to comment.

Telegraph UK recently reported that Michael Dell built his $18 billion (£11.2 billion) empire by offering reliable, no-fuss machines that people could afford. He also bypassed the traditional retail channels to sell them direct to customers.

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