Dell brings new Inspiron Series laptops and All-in-One (AIO) desktops in America

Dell, targeting the Back-to-School season in the U.S., announced that the new Inspiron 14 5000 will be priced at $749.99; Inspiron 15 5000 at $649.99; Inspiron 17 5000 at $449.99; Inspiron 23 5000 at $579.99; Inspiron 20 3000 (AMD) at $449.99 and Inspiron 20 3000 (Intel) at $579.99.

The focus of Dell is to bring new laptops and desktops with power and comfort features. Dell new laptops come with 20GB of Dropbox cloud storage.

Facial recognition software to make using password-enabled web sites safer is yet another common feature of these Dell devices. The main target is students and parents.

Dell brings new Inspiron Series laptops

Dell Inspiron 5000 laptops are powered by 4th Generation Intel Core i processors. Their battery offers life of up to 8 hours, 9 minutes for the Inspiron 14 5000 and up to 7 hours, 33 minutes for the Inspiron 15 50002.

Dell Inspiron 20 and 23 features Intel 4th Generation Core i processors. The AIO comes in either an Intel or AMD-based model.

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