Computex 2015: Intel unveils Thunderbolt 3

Intel has unveiled Thunderbolt 3 to support the fastest data and video bandwidth available on a single cable while supplying power.

The latest version of Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 3, comes with a USB Type C connector.

The USB-C connector is small, reversible, fast, supplies power and allows other I/O in addition to USB to run on it.

The new Thunderbolt 3 will provide 40Gbps in bandwidth, double the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 and will support USB.

The company said one computer port connects to Thunderbolt devices, every display and billions of USB devices.

Also, a single cable now provides four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable, while also supplying power.


Additionally, user can transfer a 4K movie in less than 30 seconds and can connect two 4K displays with nearly 16 million more pixels than an HDTV.

This apart, one compact port provides Thunderbolt 3 data transfer, support for two 4K 60Hz displays and quick notebook charging up to 100w with a single cable.

Thunderbolt Networking provides a peer-to-peer connection at 10 GbE speed to transfer files between computers, perform PC migrations or set up small workgroups with shared storage.

The products with Thunderbolt 3 will be shipped by the end of 2015, according to Intel.

Thunderbolt 3 cable supports USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and 20Gbps Thunderbolt and an active 40 Gbps copper cable version.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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