Colorful Technology Unveils NVIDIA RTX SUPER Series Graphics Cards

Colorful Technology Company has announced the release of its highly anticipated lineup of the new NVIDIA RTX SUPER Series graphics cards targeting gaming enthusiasts.
COLORFUL NVIDIA RTX 40 SUPER Series Graphics CardsThese cutting-edge GPUs promise to redefine the gaming experience with their unparalleled performance and innovative features.

The lineup includes the powerhouse GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB, the formidable GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16GB, and the impressive GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER 12GB graphics cards. These variants span across multiple series including the Vulcan, Neptune, Advanced, Ultra W, and Battle-Ax models, catering to diverse user preferences and needs.

One of the significant advancements accompanying the new NVIDIA RTX 40 SUPER Series is the adoption of the 12v-2×6 connector standard, a refined iteration of the 12VHPWR connector. This enhancement is poised to elevate the overall performance and compatibility of these graphic cards.

These GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs boast specialized AI Tensor Cores, delivering up to 836 AI TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second), showcasing groundbreaking capabilities in AI technology. This innovation brings transformative advancements not only to gaming but also to creative endeavors and everyday productivity.

In response to the demanding standards of PC gamers for top-tier visual quality, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Super Resolution, Frame Generation, and Ray Reconstruction, all powered by AI, collaborate seamlessly with ray tracing to craft visually stunning gaming environments. DLSS, in particular, offers a significant boost, allowing seven out of eight pixels to be AI-generated, accelerating full ray tracing by up to four times while maintaining superior image quality.

The launch kicks off with the iGame Vulcan and Vulcan W models under the COLORFUL umbrella. Riding the wave of the burgeoning popularity of all-white gaming PC builds, these models stand out. The Vulcan Series features the innovative iGame Smart LCD, a detachable display that provides users with a customizable canvas to showcase real-time monitoring statuses, images, or GIFs. This feature fosters creative personalization for gaming setups, allowing users to curate their experiences like never before. Alongside this, the iGame Vulcan Series flaunts RGB lighting that can be fully customized via the iGame App, providing users with enhanced control over their aesthetics.

The release of the NVIDIA RTX SUPER Series from Colorful Technology marks a significant milestone in the world of gaming and tech innovation, promising an immersive, high-performance gaming experience while catering to the evolving demands of users seeking top-tier graphics and AI capabilities.

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