China’s PC Market Poised for Growth, Says Canalys

China’s PC market, excluding tablets, is expected to bounce back with a 3 percent growth in 2024 followed by a 10 percent growth in 2025, Canalys said.
PC market in China Canalys reportThe surge in the PC market in China is primarily attributed to the anticipated refresh demand from the commercial sector. Concurrently, the tablet market is projected to witness a 4 percent growth in both 2024 and 2025, propelled by the deepening digitalization and increasing market penetration.

According to Canalys Analyst Emma Xu, while the forecast brings modest relief to the struggling PC market in China, challenges persist. Structural adjustments in the economy remain a priority as the government explores avenues for economic growth, notably through technology-driven innovation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a central theme, evident in recent government initiatives and commercial enthusiasm showcased during China’s ‘Two Sessions’. These developments are expected to create significant opportunities for the PC industry, especially with the convergence of device refresh cycles and the rise of AI-capable PCs.

The forecast projects a 3 percent growth in China’s PC market for 2024, with a further expansion of 10 percent in 2025, while tablet growth is expected to maintain a steady 4 percent increase in both years.

PC MARKET in 2023

In terms of recent performance, the PC market in Mainland China concluded 2023 with a 9 percent year-on-year decline in the fourth quarter, with 11.3 million units shipped. Desktops experienced a 13 percent drop, totaling 3.3 million units, while notebook shipments decreased by 7 percent year-on-year to 8.1 million units. This resulted in an overall shipment decline of 17 percent in 2023, with 41.2 million units shipped, compared to 2022.

Lenovo (38 percent share), HP (10 percent), Huawei (10 percent), Dell (8 percent), Asus (7 percent) are the leading PC brands in China in 2023. The Canalys report has indicated that Lenovo, HP, Dell and Asus have lost their PC market share in China in 2023.

Meanwhile, China’s tablet market witnessed a 3 percent decline in the fourth quarter of 2023, reaching 8.4 million units, with full-year shipments totaling 28.3 million. The year saw increased competition as new entrants intensified their focus on the category.

Apple (32 percent share), Huawei (23 percent), Xiaomi (12 percent), Honor (11 percent) and Lenovo (8 percent) are the leaders in the tablet market in 2023. Apple and Xiaomi have lost their tablet market share in China in 2023.

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