CES 2014: Lenovo shows Beacon personal cloud storage device

At the CES 2014, Lenovo has showcased Beacon personal cloud storage device, Lenovo N308 Android home computer, Lenovo Horizon 2 Table PC and Lenovo A740 All-in-One (AIO) PC.

The price of Lenovo Beacon personal cloud storage device is $199.

The price of Lenovo N308 AIO Desktop is $450.

The price of Horizon 2 Table PC will be $1,499.

The price of Lenovo A740 AIO Desktop will be $1,499.


Lenovo’s first personal cloud storage device, Beacon, allows users to store and share multimedia via their PC or mobile device in the home or remotely. Using the downloadable Android app created for Beacon, users can turn their Android smartphone into a remote control for the Personal Cloud Storage Device.

Lenovo N308 AIO, Lenovo’s first Android desktop, provides access to apps on its 19.5-in multitouch display starting at $4502.

Beacon personal cloud storage device lets users store and play their media from anywhere using their smartphone, PC, tablet or TV. Beacon lets users upload files either wirelessly or via an onboard USB connection with just the press of one button. Users can access files around the home or on-the-go, and Beacon’s secure access rights make it a great device to share with multiple users.

Beacon runs an Intel Atom dual core processor, supports file transfer through 3G4, WiFi and Ethernet and comes in white or black.

Lenovo N308

Lenovo’s first Android home computer, the Lenovo N308, presents an affordable AIO desktop for those multimedia users who love apps, entertainment and web browsing.

The 19.5-in 1600X900 touchscreen desktop gives users everything they need to enjoy their favorite content. Running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the N308 comes with an NVIDIA Tegra quad core processor, up to 500 GB hard drive storage, a 720p webcam and WiFi.

Horizon 2 Recasts the Table PC Mold

Horizon 2 offers improved performance with smarter features like near field communications (NFC) that interact with a user’s other devices for a truly one of a kind digital content sharing experience.

Users can now access media from their PC or smartphone on their home network directly on Horizon 2’s display when it lays flat in Table Mode with the Aura interface activated. They can either use the new Horizon mobile app to shake their mobile Android device, allowing the content to “fall” onto Horizon 2’s screen. Or they can place the mobile device on the screen, which signals to the Aura dial to open around it and “pull” out content onto Horizon 2’s display. Also, users can edit photos and share directly from Aura to Facebook.

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