CES 2014: HP brings HP Z1 workstation with 27-inch diagonal display

At the CES 2014, HP announced the launch of HP Z1 workstation with 27-inch diagonal display.

HP Z1 is available with Windows 8 Touch and Intel Thunderbolt 2 capabilities.

The company said HP Z1 workstation is suitable for knowledge workers and specialists in CAD, graphic arts and university education.

HP Z1G2 offers fast data transfer speeds for compute-intensive workloads and new technologies like Thunderbolt offer the flexibility for high-performance external expandability. Whether it’s being used by an engineer creating 3-D components, an architect designing buildings or a videographer editing event footage, the HP Z1G2 gives creative professionals the power they need to bring ideas to life faster.

HP brings HP Z1 workstation with 27-inch diagonal display

The HP Z1 G2 is joined by three new all-in-one PCs ideal for use in small and midsize business (SMB) and enterprise environments, including the HP Slate21 Pro All in One, HP’s first commercial Android all-in-one PC. The HP Slate21 Pro offers seamless integration with Android-based phones and tablets, along with access to efficient manageability tools, security enhancements and apps available through the Google Play app store.

HP is the only workstation vendor to offer Thunderbolt as an option across both desktop and mobile workstations. Thunderbolt enables cutting-edge creative work, and the addition of this technology to the HP Z1 G2 expands HP’s leadership in innovation and demonstrates its commitment to the professional market.

The HP Z1 features Intel integrated HD Graphics, 4th Generation Intel Xeon and Core processors, ECC memory, and RAID storage options, providing users with more reliability and performance. Additionally, the HP Z1 features the latest NVIDIA Mobile Quadro GPUs for professional use and the best graphics performance for demanding applications. All HP Z Workstations are tested and certified for professional applications.

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation uses more than 100 HP Z1 Workstations.

John Ramahlo Jr., executive director, Technology, School of Architecture, Columbia University, said: “We must provide our students expertise in the state of the art in architecture and computer technology so that they can decisively assert themselves around the world by producing remarkable buildings, plans and policies — the HP Z1 gives our students that edge.”

The price of new HP Z1G2 Workstation is $1,999.

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