Canalys says PC Market Sees First Growth in Shipments in Q4 2023

The global PC market experienced a resurgence, marking a 3 percent increase in shipments in the final quarter of 2023, signaling an end to the continuous annual declines, Canalys said.
Canalys report on Q4 2023 PC market growth
Lenovo (59.10 million units), HP (52.89 million), Dell (39.97 million), Apple (23.2 million), and Asus (16.31 million) are the top PC brands in the world in 2023, Canalys said.

The PC market, after facing a year marked by successive shipment declines, finally broke its streak with a modest 3 percent year-on-year growth, hitting a total of 65.3 million units in combined desktop and notebook shipments by the end of 2023’s fourth quarter.

Notebooks led the charge with a remarkable 4 percent increase from 2022, achieving shipments of 51.6 million units. Conversely, desktop shipments faced a slight downturn, dropping 1 percent to 13.7 million units during the same period. Despite this resurgence in the final quarter, the full-year tally for 2023 showcased a 13 percent decrease, amounting to 247 million units compared to the preceding year.

Experts suggest a promising outlook for the market, attributing this turnaround to the emergence of AI-capable PCs. These innovative devices are expected to catalyze growth not only during the current refresh cycle but also in the foreseeable future.

Himani Mukka, Research Manager at Canalys, stated, “2023 was a challenging year for the PC industry, but companies have remained resilient and can now look forward to an improving landscape.”

Canalys predicts a significant surge in innovation with on-device AI capabilities in PCs in the upcoming year, as Ishan Dutt, Principal Analyst at Canalys, affirms, “2024 is set to be a bumper year for such devices.”

The anticipated leap in AI-capable PCs is projected to witness a rapid adoption rate, particularly in the commercial sector. By 2027, Canalys forecasts shipments of over 170 million AI-capable PCs, with nearly 60 percent being deployed within commercial settings.

To comprehend the forthcoming impact of AI-capable PCs, Canalys has released a special report titled “Now and Next for AI-capable PCs,” offering insights into the dawn of AI in personal computing, market projections, current trends, and potential challenges in this evolving sector.

In the realm of market standings, Lenovo secured the top spot in Q4 2023, shipping 16.1 million units and boasting 3 percent annual growth. This success further cemented its position as the largest shipping vendor for the entirety of 2023, with a total of 59.1 million units shipped.

HP secured the second position with a 6 percent year-on-year growth in Q4, totaling 52.9 million units for 2023, experiencing a marginal 4 percent decrease from the previous year. Meanwhile, Dell retained its third position in both Q4 2023 and the full-year standings, shipping 9.9 million and 40 million units, respectively.

Apple clinched the fourth position in Q4 2023 by shipping 6.6 million units globally, marking a 9 percent growth, while Acer and Asus occupied the fifth spot in Q4 and full-year 2023 rankings, showcasing varying growth rates and annual declines.

With the imminent surge of AI-capable PCs, the market gears up for a transformative phase, propelling the industry into an era defined by innovative technological advancements and heightened competition among major vendors.

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