Brother Mobile Solutions adds wireless industrial handheld labeling tool

Brother Mobile Solutions today announced the P-touch EDGE PT-E550W wireless industrial handheld labeling tool, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity to Windows, iOS, Mac and Android devices.

PT-E550W enables users to download and store custom label files and databases from select tablets, smartphones or PCs to print full project labels or individual labels wirelessly, on demand at the jobsite.

The PT-E550W prints labels up to 24mm wide, including heat shrink tubing, and is differentiated by a dual-blade auto-cutter for easy peel label strips.

Brother Mobile Solutions adds wireless industrial handheld labeling tool

The company said it new PT-E550W industrial handheld labeling tool adds increased convenience and functionality at the job site. With built-in templates, files and databases instantly available via wireless connectivity, work crews can help save time, improve accuracy, and minimize keystrokes in generating clear, long-lasting labels for wires, cables, faceplates, patch cords and other components of an installation.

For contractors and installers who prefer to generate pre-printed sheet labels for their projects, the wireless connectivity of the PT-E550W provides better flexibility to handle changes on-site in real time.

Users can also make changes directly to the database in the PT-E550W or to the same database file used for pre-printing the sheets in the office, and send the file to a computer, smartphone or tablet for printing at the site.

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