Bluetooth-enabled devices to reach 10 billion by 2018: ABI Research

The installed base of Bluetooth-enabled devices will reach 10 billion by 2018 from 3.5 billion in 2012.

ABI Research says Bluetooth-enabled devices will be the backbone of the Internet of Everything (IoE).

The next 5 years will be pivotal in the growth of IoE and establishment as a tangible concept to the consumer.

“In reality the market is already huge, and Bluetooth will continue to be one of the key technologies that enable IoE market growth,” said Peter Cooney, practice director, ABI Research.

Bluetooth Smart Ready devices shipments are growing rapidly and this is creating a large number of hub devices that Bluetooth Smart node devices can connect to.

Initial growth has been strong in the health and fitness market, but the massive Bluetooth eco-system is also driving growth in many other markets including keyboards, remote controls, watches, toys, door locks, and many more.

The smartphone will continue to be the primary market for Bluetooth and the catalyst for growth of the emerging Bluetooth v4.0 ecosystem, but strong adoption is also occurring in the PC, mobile consumer, and connected home segments.

Hub devices have driven the first growth phase for Bluetooth; the second growth phase will be driven by Bluetooth smart enabled nodes/sensors.

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