Axis launches Q86 PT head network camera

Axis Communications has launched AXIS Q86 PT Head Network Camera Series, a new series of visual and thermal cameras.

The new cameras are ideal for perimeter protection, border control and transportation monitoring with fast pan-tilt capabilities.

The company said cameras can deliver new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness for monitoring large areas in challenging conditions as it have expanded range of vision and high precision images.

Additionally, AXIS Q86 Network Camera Series consist of two visual models and two thermal models.

The environment with ambient illumination during night time, such as in cities or highways can use visual model AXIS Q8665-E PTZ Network Camera.

AXIS Q8665-LE PTZ Network Camera comes with integrated IR LED illuminators which can monitor a distance up to 150 meters from the camera and helps in surveillance in complete darkness.

While for complete darkness or for long-distance surveillance and in difficult weather conditions, thermal model AXIS Q 8631-E/Q8632-E is available.

AXIS Q86 PT Head Network Camera Series

Company officials said thermal imaging is used to monitor critical infrastructure such as solar plants, data centers, nuclear stations and electrical substations, as well as transportation installations for highways, airfields and harbors.

In addition, user can use wiper to clear excess water or rain and can purchase a washer to clean dust, salt, sand and emission of soot from vehicles from windows of the cameras.

The new AXIS Q86 PT Head Network Camera Series will be available starting from $4999 in Q3 2015.

In April, Axis Communications launched Wireless Installation Tool to simplify onsite installation of network cameras and Network Video Door Station for Remote Identification and Entry Management.

In January, Axis Communications launched its temperature alarm cameras, AXIS Q29, for remote monitoring of critical equipment which indicates the temperature of objects.

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