Asus offers S56CA-XX056H laptop at Rs 43,999 along with free 2-year warranty worth Rs 4,999

Asus announced S56CA-XX056H laptop is available at a price of Rs 43,999. The company is also offering free additional two-year warranty worth Rs 4,999 along with the latest laptop.

Asus S56CA-XX056H is powered by Intel Core i5 (1.7G, 3M).

The new laptop comes with Intel HD 4000, 4GB RAM DDR3 1600, 750GB storage, 24GB SSD, DVD RW 8xSM DL.

Meanwhile, Asus – in an advertisement in a Delhi daily – said the price of Asus S56CM-XO177H will be Rs 39,999.

Asus S56CA

Asus S56CM-XO177H is powered by Intel Core i3-3217U (1.6G, 3M) processor. It comes with NVIDIA GT 635 2GB RAM DDR3 VRAM, 4GB RAM DDR3 1600, 500GB storage, HDD 5400rpm, 24G SSD, etc.

The price of Asus F201E-KX192H / KX233H / KX 261H / KX262H is Rs 24,999.

This is powered by Intel dual core 2117 (1.8G, 2M). It features HDHM 70, 2GB RAM, 500GM storage HDD 5400rpm, etc.

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