AMD’s Semi-Custom Business Unit provides tailor made solutions

Infotech Lead America: AMD aims to provide customer specific IP through its Semi Custom Business Unit using the extensive intellectual property across AMD processors, graphics and multimedia. AMD will use a flexible System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design methodology to create tailor made solutions for customers.

Usually, although customers tell suppliers and designers exactly what they want, they don’t always get it because of some limitations suppliers have. This issue can be resolved by closer collaboration between both parties to make products that perform better and more in line with customers’ initial vision.

The business unit integrating the building blocks with customer-specific IP to create tailor-made solutions using a SoC processor design methodology. It provides a modular approach while leveraging best practices to readily re-use silicon IP and design building blocks.

The Semi-Custom Business Unit will focus on high-volume, high-value applications across a wide array of markets such as gaming, set-top boxes, smart TVs, PCs, tablets, servers, high performance computing and infrastructure applications.

The Semi-Custom Business Unit of AMD collaborates with customers to create customized chip solutions that help enable customers to improve their product development systems. The business unit comprises of a strong team of engineers who are well-versed in graphics and compute processing. This team is led by corporate vice president and general manager Saeid Moshkelani.

Moshkelani joined AMD last year from Trident Microsystems. He reports to AMD senior vice president and general manager of Global Business Units Lisa Su.

Sony is the first announced customer to benefit from AMD’s latest effort at providing tailor made solutions. With the scalable solution IP blocks can be quickly tailored without the need for a new platform. The Semi-Custom Business Unit will deliver tailor-made solutions within an accelerated timeframe.

Microsoft is set to announce its next Xbox console this month and it is possible that AMD will add Microsoft to its client roster soon. With high volume customers like Sony and Microsoft, AMD’s new business unit is set to be an important revenue generator for the firm.


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