Alcatel-Lucent brings new enterprise DeskPhones

Alcatel-Lucent today said its enterprise division announced five new Premium DeskPhones.

The company is targeting SMBs and mid-sized and large businesses.

IP Premium DeskPhone models include 8068 Premium DeskPhone, 8038 Premium DeskPhone, and 8028 Premium DeskPhone. These three phones offer IP communication, embed two Gigabit Ethernet Energy Efficient ports, one of which supports power over Ethernet.

Alcatel-Lucent brings new enterprise DeskPhones

Digital Premium DeskPhone models include 8029 Premium DeskPhone and 8039 Premium DeskPhone and offer digital communication.

Eric Penisson, general manager, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communications Solutions, said: “Majority of employees still rely on solid, trusted tools like a deskphone. We’ve spoken with our customers and have met their needs to embrace the next generation of business communications by delivering the deskphone evolved.”

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