5 benefits of using mobile phone covers for protection

If you own a smartphone then you might have come across this debate, Are mobile phone covers / cases really necessary?
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Well, the answer to this question is that mobile phone cases are important, especially if you want to protect your mobile phone from all sorts of damages and scratches. Where you are spending hundreds of bucks on buying a new smartphone, spending a few more won’t hurt and it is not like smartphone covers are useless, they have various benefits. Let’s have a look at 5 Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Covers For Protection:

#1 Ultimate Protection

We have all had those days where nothing is going our way and no matter what you do, nothing seems to work the way you want it to and that also includes your hands. When you are stressed up then your mobile phone can easily fall out from your hand onto the concrete sidewalk, lying there with its front glass or back glass shattered. This is where smartphone cases come in handy and when the phone accidentally falls out from your hand, you will be sure that it won’t be damaged.

A phone cover is just like a house for a mobile phone. Just as a house protects humans from all sorts of damages and dirt, a phone cover does the same. It protects the whole body of the mobile phone from exterior damage and also protects it against all sorts of scratches or nicks that might get onto its body. Even if you accidentally drop your phone, your phone case/cover might absorb the shock and protect your phone from getting severely damaged.

#2 More Resale Value

When you are thinking about upgrading your mobile phone then you would get more value for your phone if you had kept it protected using a mobile case. When you use a mobile case or cover for your mobile phone then you are basically protecting the mobile from all sorts of damages, scratches, and nicks that might get onto your phone if there is no case on and lower its resale value.

The better shape your device is in, the more will be the resale value and you will also be doing a favor to the person that you are going to sell the phone to because he will be getting the phone in excellent condition and with more money, you will easily be able to buy a new mobile phone.

When someone uses the sentence “phone case/cover from day one” then it increases the value of your mobile phone and the interested buyers will have to pay more than the market price because the phone is in perfect condition without any scratch or nick on its body.

#3 Look & Feel

Most people present the argument that they don’t want to cover the looks and beauty of their device so that is why they are not using a mobile case/cover. This, however, is a totally wrong concept. There are now all sorts of mobile cases and covers available, that not only provide maximum protection to your mobile phone but also enhance its beauty. There are smooth silicone edge cases available with curved corners that make your mobile phone look even better and if you want then you can also get a customized case/cover for your mobile to get maximum protection and the look that you want.

People who own expensive devices such as the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 say that putting on a case will hide the beauty of their new mobile phone but there are now very sleek, stylish, and sexy iPhone 12 Pro Cover and iPhone 11 Cover available in the market that enhances the beauty of the devices while also providing maximum protection, simultaneously.

#4 Affordable

Nowadays, our mobile phones are much more than telephones and are not only used for calling but for various other purposes too. Smartphones nowadays come with edge glass screens, glass bodies, and multiple camera lenses and they are more than just ordinary devices, they come with a pretty heavy price tag and if you have spent so much on buying the device then why not a little more to protect.

Most of the mobile phone cases on the market are available for under 15$ and you can find the best phone cases for less than $30 that provide full-body protection. You not only get a full-body case but also a built-in screen protector with dual-layered TPU materials at a very affordable price. When you are spending so much on buying an expensive smartphone then you can also spend a few more bucks just to keep your mobile phone protected.

#5 Increased Functionality

In the olden days, mobile phone covers had only one job and that was to protect the mobile phone but those days are now gone. There are now different mobile phone covers and cases available in the market that although have the main purpose of protecting the smartphone from external damages, have other purposes too such as some mobile phone covers come with cardholders, or holders to hold the mobile for watching videos. Customers have so many different options available nowadays and they can choose one according to their preferences.

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