Xilinx solutions plug ASIC and ASSP gaps for smarter networks and data centers

Infotech Lead India: Xilinx has announced solutions aiming to fill the significant and growing gaps in ASIC and ASSP offerings targeting next-generation smarter networks and data centers.Xilinx has been acquiring and developing a SmartCORE IP portfolio and a critical mass of application specialists and services that leverage Xilinx’s All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D ICs.  These solutions are suitable for customers who need to rapidly create, differentiate, and evolve intelligent, fabric-centric data centers and software defined networks (SDN), ‘many-band’ self-organizing networks (SON) for LTE and LTE Advanced wireless HetNets, and 400G and Nx100G OTN solutions with high availability, low latency, low jitter, and high Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.

Many ASIC and ASSP vendors find it challenging to meet the combined requirements for intelligence, flexibility, and adaptability in next-generation systems. They struggle with fragmented and rapidly changing networking and data center standards and application demands. Vendors sometimes find themselves incapable of enabling customers to effectively add differentiation through their own ‘secret sauce.’

ASSPs and ASICs are either too late to market to meet OEM or operator requirements or significantly overdesigned to satisfy the superset requirements of many diverse customers, are not an optimal fit for the target application. They may provide limited ability for customers to differentiate their end products. Often customers face many or all of these challenges while  attempting to use the solutions offered by ASIC and ASSP vendors.

Xilinx  SmartCORE IP, used in conjunction with the company’s ARM processor-based Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs, FPGAs, and 3D ICs, provides the technology foundation needed to create an extremely wide range of next-generation applications ranging from data center security appliances and resource-optimizing TOR (top-of-rack) switches to extremely efficient mobile backhaul modems and smarter wired access equipment.

Some examples of SmartCORE IP-based solutions are “Service-level-aware,” packet-based processing solutions, customizable DPD & CFR for Class 1 MC-GSM Power Amplifier Linearization with 60 MHz transmission bandwidth and  80 Gbps data center NIC solutions with high-granularity traffic management, enabling the provisioning of a high number of traffic flows to accommodate new services and associated service monetization.

Quick assembly of unique combinations of SmartCORE IP embodied in highly flexible Xilinx All Programmable devices enable customers to add their differentiating ‘secret sauce’ comprised of smarter, adaptable algorithms and functions. Such elements can be implemented using programmable hardware and/or ARM processor-based programmable software.

Xilinx helps customers optimize their designs with applications specialists and offers advanced design services for customers who require IP customization or full system design support.


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