University of Cambridge selects Emerson Network

University of Cambridge has selected Emerson Network Power solutions.
The solutions provided by the Emerson Network Power are high power modular Trinergy uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and LIFE remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring services.
The university will also have MPH2 rack power distribution units (PDU), Emerson’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system and Trellis platform.
The University of Cambridge can manage capacity and increase efficiency by deploying the Trellis platform for real time insights into power, thermal management and IT equipment.
The new data center hub can accommodate 300 racks which are supported by both redundant UPS and generators and have three separate halls.
In 2013, University of Cambridge selected Emerson Network Power to drive operational efficiencies.

EmersonEarlier, the campus used more than 200 independently managed server rooms across 120 departments to cope with staff and student data which results in inefficient energy usage.
Company officials said that the University required upgrading its data center infrastructure to improve service efficiency and tackle high energy consumption.
Emerson Network Power will help Cambridge to control multiple data environments remotely.
“By upgrading our data center infrastructure, we expect to reduce our carbon footprint by 30 percent and our IT energy costs by as much as 40 percent,” said Ian Tasker, data center manager, University of Cambridge.
Few days ago, Emerson Network Power introduced Liebert Custome Air Handling Units to offer wide-ranging configuration options and the most advanced thermal optimization controls designed specifically for data center applications.
In January, T-Systems selected Emerson Network Power to construct its modular data centers in Spain to ensure significant growth in cloud services in Europe.