Toshiba opens data center in France

Infotech Lead Asia: Toshiba Cloud & Solutions has opened its data center in France.

This is Toshiba’s first data center in Europe. With a global workforce of 203,000, Toshiba has annual revenues in excess of $77 billion.

Toshiba Cloud & Solutions Division is directed at professional markets, public and private-sector companies, and entities within the Toshiba Group.

Toshiba, which has an international network of over 490 companies, says the datacenter is in line with the Group’s goal of accompanying its clients right from the design of IT products and solutions through to hosting related services tailored to specific needs.

The data center’s location reflects Toshiba’s commitment to the Grand Lyon district. The firm has been chosen to head up the network of private-sector partners in Lyon Smart Community, Europe’s largest eco-renovation project.

One of Toshiba’s key roles is the design and development of the energy planning system, as well as hosting all the regional Tier3+ Cloud servers and applications.

Philippe Hartmanshenn, managing director of Toshiba Systèmes France’s Cloud & Solutions Division, said: “Developing this first datacenter in Rhône-Alpes highlights the importance of the Grand Lyon project for Toshiba and embodies the group’s investment in the development of its Cloud offering.”

The new data center allows Toshiba Group to move both internal and external client resources and services offsite to our high-security servers – located in France.

Toshiba also plans to use the data center to develop and integrate business solutions for its clients from every sector.

Projects include the design and administration of information systems for virtualization projects, rollout of thin clients, and outsourced data backup.

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