Tata Communications revenue dips, EBITDA drops

Tata Communications for CIOsTata Communications has posted revenue of $668 million (–0.3 percent), EBITDA of $87millon (–12.5 percent) with 13 percent EBITDA margin and profit of $5 million in Q1 fiscal 2017-18.

Tata Communications said data services revenues rose 8.5 percent. Growth services increased 25 percent, while traditional services grew 7 percent.

Core revenues of Tata Communications declined primarily due to de-growth in the voice business.

“Digitalisation continues to create new avenues for growth across our entire business portfolio, and our investments in digital competencies hold us in good stead for the future. We are investing into futuristic workflows and systems that will boost our productivity and enhance customer experience,” said Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO of Tata Communications.

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