SympIT selects ViaWest to provide cloud computing services with KINECTed solution

Infotech Lead America: SympIT has selected ViaWest to provide cloud computing services with its KINECTed Cloud solution. SympIT utilizes ViaWest’s cloud solution to increase performance and leverage a scalable path for future growth.

SympIT plans to launch enhancements in 3Q/4Q 2012 that will further enable a rating system of IT services and technology organizations so users can quickly assess which companies best fit their IT needs.

SympIT integrates with other social networking sites to enable technology-related posts, forums, questions and recommendations to ensure better experience to its users. The company’s platform interconnects existing communities of buyers, sellers and users of technology hardware, software and services.

“ViaWest was the clear winner when deciding on a long-term partner to entrust our growing business. Our choice was not only due to ViaWest’s advanced data centers and breadth of services, but also to the company’s experienced technical teams,” said Seth Patterson, co-founder and partner at SympIT.

“By migrating to ViaWest’s cloud computing platform, our website performance increased by over 50 percent, with our webpages loading much more quickly than before. With KINECTed Cloud we are well-positioned to scale on-demand to meet future performance expectations,” Patterson added.

“Each client’s business challenges and requirements are carefully considered. With innovative companies such as SympIT, our personalized approach ensures we design a solution that optimizes the end user’s overall experience,” said Margie Sims, regional vice president of Sales for ViaWest.

KINECTed Cloud offers cost-effective access to a dynamic pool of computing, storage and networking resources. Clients have the ability to leverage ViaWest’s highly skilled experts who consult on the best overall solution, and all platform offerings are structured under either a reserved resource or flexible pay-as-you-go pricing program.

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