Sumitomo Electric Lightwave launches its new 4th Level Data Center Solutions product line

Infotech Lead Asia: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has launched its new 4th Level Data Center Solutions product line.

4th Level provides a fully integrated and end to end optical fiber solution that meets the unfulfilled needs of data centers for real-time, onsite, and flexible optical fiber infrastructure design.

The optical fiber and connectivity solutions provider developed the 4th Level product around the core concept of offering data center and enterprise network managers and installers an affordable, quick, and easy method to achieve a customized optical fiber infrastructure on-site.

Recently, Sumitomo experienced success from its Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connectors (SC, LC, FC, ST) and the Lynx2-MPO, 4th Level’s flagship products,

The company’s currently developing optical fiber solution ranging from high-speed transmission cables to the most advanced precision installation equipment and tools including fusion splicers and optical fiber cleavers.

To the Lynx2 innovation, the company has added plenum and riser rated distribution and interconnect cables, patch panels and cassettes, and options including cable assemblies to offer the customer a wide array of choices in the customization of the network infrastructure.

“Our goal is to offer data center managers, design engineers, and installers the freedom and control to customize, rapidly change, repair and restore the network infrastructure in real-time without the logistic delays and the fixed and inflexible solutions of the past,” said Joshua Seawell, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s director of its Lightwave Network Products division.

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