plans data centers in Hyderabad and Singapore

datacenter, a hosting platform, has made investment of $1.5 million to open its data center in Moscow, Russia.

The company is planning similar data centers in Hyderabad and Singapore.

The company said its data center in Moscow joins’s existing interconnected locations in Dallas, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg.

Aleksej Gubarev, CEO and co-founder of, said: “We are offering 40 Gbps connection to each server and international standards of quality and support in Russia.”

“The initial infrastructure investment in was $1.5 million. is looking to make similar commitments to their global SMB customers by opening data centers in Hyderabad and Singapore,” said Gubarev.

In addition to their global private network and 40 Gbps connection to each server, every data center is equipped with Dell servers, Juniper and Brocade network equipment. This hardware allows customers to quickly build reliable hybrid infrastructures: deploying bare metal is as easy as cloud, with 40-minute zero-touch bare metal provisioning.

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