Schneider Electric introduces StruxureWare data center operation for co-location

Infotech Lead Asia: Schneider Electric has introduced StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location, a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) application within the StruxureWare for Data Centers Software Suite.

This new application enables optimization of data center equipment and space with its multi-tenant data center providers and managers – including wholesale, retail, managed hosting and cloud providers. It provides real-time status updates on data center capacities, including data center power, cooling, and available space, to help identify any constraints for future expansion and to better allocate equipment and resources.

The application offers an insight into usage and availability on a tenant level and enables facility managers to operate the data center as a business through capabilities like detailed chargeback for power and integrated tenant billing and support.

“StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location provides unique business advantages for multi-tenant data center operators,” said Soeren Brogaard Jensen, vice president, Solution Software, Schneider Electric. “This DCIM solution identifies available cage and rack space and has the ability to integrate tenant billing, saving co-location providers time while delivering the most accurate availability information to make business decisions and transactions on the go, at a speed they have never been able to conduct such business before.”

Main features of the StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location offering are space and cage management, integrated tenant billing, facility maintenance scheduling, measured cage power, space capacity reports, computer aided design (CAD) integration and advanced power modeling, including the ability to model Distributed Redundant UPS and Distributed Redundant UPS with Catcher for a representation of the actual power distribution in a facility.

The new StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Co-location facilities integrates with Schneider Electric’s end-to-end DCIM software suite which enables data centers to monitor, operate, analyze and optimize power, cooling, security and energy.

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