Scala Data Centers Opens R$240 mn Site in Brazil, targeting Hyperscale Clients

Scala Data Centers has inaugurated its site in Porto Alegre, nestled within the Brazilian Southern Region, targeting the needs of Hyperscale clients.
Scala Data Centers BrazilThe newly launched SPOAPA01 data center, boasting 4.8MW of IT capacity, stands as a pivotal addition to the HyperEdge family. Scala Data Centers has made investment of R$ 240 million to set up the new facility.

Strategically positioned in the Navegantes neighborhood, adjacent to the Salgado Filho International Airport, within the innovation and technology hub of Rio Grande do Sul’s 4th District, the SPOAPA01 data center sets the stage for seamless low-latency communication not just within the South of Brazil but also with the Argentine market.

What sets this center apart is its proximity to existing data infrastructure, enhancing connectivity in a region primed for high-tech interactions. Moreover, its close proximity to the Malbec System, a future-facing submarine cable slated to link Porto Alegre directly to Buenos Aires, positions the city as a crucial nexus for swift and low-latency communications with the Argentine market.

This strategic move by Scala is underpinned not only by the region’s connectivity and proximity to established data centers but also by the anticipation of Porto Alegre serving as a significant link for the Malbec submarine cable. The cable, spanning 1,550 miles and already connecting São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires, aims to directly integrate Porto Alegre into this network, further solidifying its stature as a connectivity hub for streamlined communications with Argentina.

Embracing sustainable practices, the HyperEdge SPOAPA01 operates entirely on certified renewable energy, aligning seamlessly with Scala’s commitment to sustainability. The facility boasts high resource efficiency, with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.4 and a WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) of zero, achieved through closed-circuit and air cooling systems.

The center’s construction achieved sustainability milestones by employing the FastDeploy approach, Scala’s innovative design methodology enabling deployment in up to 50 percent less time than the traditional model. Leveraging prefabricated modular components, this methodology offers an optimized experience tailored for Hyperscale clients.

Scala’s Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), comprising over 400 specialized professionals across Latin America, orchestrates all facets of data center construction and operations.

Presently, Scala operates nine data centers, including those at the Tambore Campus in Barueri (São Paulo state, Brazil), São Paulo, Campinas (São Paulo state, Brazil), São João de Meriti (Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil), Curauma (Chile), and Tepotzotlán (Mexico). Notably, the last four centers commenced operations in 2023.

The company’s trajectory includes plans for new sites at the Tamboré Campus and Chile, along with ongoing projects aimed at establishing data centers in Jundiaí (Brazil), Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Since its inception in 2020, Scala has invested over R$ 8 billion in its Latin American ventures and anticipates reaching a distributed capacity of 500MW within the next five years across the four countries it operates in.

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