Samsung starts advanced DDR4 memory production

Samsung has kicked off production of advanced DDR4 memory for enterprise servers in next-generation data centers.

The high-density DDR4 modules enable Samsung to better support the need for advanced DDR4 in large-scale data centers and other enterprise server applications.

The availability of 4Gb DDR4 devices, which use 20 nanometer (nm)-class process technology, will facilitate demand for 16GB and 32GB memory modules.

This compares to conventional DRAM of which 8GB modules using a 30nm-class process technology are still commonplace, Samsung said on Friday.

Samsung starts advanced DDR4 memory production

“We are continuing to extend the premium server market in 2013 and will now focus on higher density and added performance with 32GB DDR4, and contribute to even greater growth of the green IT market in 2014,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung.

By adopting DDR4 memory technology early, OEMs can minimize operational costs and maximize performance to provide more favorable returns on investments.

The 4Gb-based DDR4 has the fastest DRAM data transmission rate of 2,667 megabits per second – a 1.25-fold increase over 20nm-class DDR3, while lowering power consumption by more than 30 percent.

Based on Samsung’s 20nm-class DRAM, the world’s smallest 4Gb DRAM chip, the company has now developed the industry’s largest lineup of products tailored to applications from servers to mobile devices. This will provide customers with advanced low-power, high-performance green memory solutions.

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