Red Hat helps Sky News streamline content delivery

At VMworld Europe 2014, Red Hat announced that Sky News, BSkyB’s 24-hour, multimedia news channel, has streamlined content delivery with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Satellite in two data centers.

Sky News originally delivered broadcasting, publishing and real-time news from a centralized platform. The team decided to upgrade their IT infrastructure to deliver news consistently and quickly across multiple platforms, rebuilding the system as a virtualized environment that would enable better scalability, flexibility and resiliency for IT administrators and users.

In May 2012 Sky News deployed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to run across two of their data centers, paired with Red Hat Satellite for systems management.

The new virtualized environment for Sky News’ content publishing system has enabled Sky News to devote more time to ensuring that the system grows and evolves, just as Sky News’ audiences and services are growing and evolving.

With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Satellite, Sky News’ team can launch new virtual machines to take advantage of new opportunities in the market with confidence that they can manage increasing website traffic.

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Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, Virtualization and OpenStack, Red Hat, said, “Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers a no-compromise virtualization solution with industry-leading performance coupled with a compelling ROI.”

James Murphy, technology delivery manager, Sky News, said that Red Hat solutions has made them more responsive and capable of addressing the demands from the audience.

“The amount of help and support we received from Red Hat gave us the confidence to move forward with our virtualization project—even though it was different from most other companies’ approaches,” Murphy added.

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