Rackspace to tap telecom operators to expand cloud network

Infotech Lead America: Rackspace Hosting is planning to tap telecom operators to expand its cloud network.

For telcos and other large service providers, Rackspace, a cloud service provider, plans to make available all the components needed to build a successful cloud business.

“We have had interest from service providers on nearly every continent to extend Rackspace’s proven OpenStack powered public cloud solutions and expertise to their customers. It is important to broaden the adoption of open-source technologies through partners around the world,” said Lanham Napier, CEO for Rackspace.

Rackspace is keen to provider cloud technology, go-to-market support, extended reach for users, increased resource utilization for providers, etc. to telecom service providers.

Gary Chen, research manager for IDC’s Cloud and Virtualization System Software, said: “IDC believes that a global federated service provider cloud network that allows creation of hybrid clouds with resources from multiple public providers could be a compelling solution for customers.”

The creation of this network allows for different providers, in different regions, with different service characteristics to link together to better serve the cloud users around the world with a fully interoperable global ‘cloud of clouds’.

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