Rackspace supplies DevOps Automation Services to Appboy

Rackspace Hosting has supplied Rackspace DevOps Automation Services to Appboy, a platform for marketing automation for apps, to deploy and scale their application platform.

The company said Rackspace DevOps Automation Service enables developers and IT departments to accelerate time to market for their products and features by allowing them to deploy, scale and test new configurations in hours.

In addition, the service can help improve the process of software deployments and to create more frequent software releases, as automating processes will allow organizations to provision servers consistently and can help reduce mistakes typically caused by manual installation and configuration, said Rackspace.

Prior to using Rackspace DevOps Automation Services, Appboy used a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering with mixed results. The PaaS solution lacked the ability to move CPU and memory intensive workloads to physical machines in conjunction with virtual machines.

When building new virtual machines as peak traffic would hit, Appboy experienced lengthy server build times of almost thirty minutes.

On top of this, Appboy had to rely on its PaaS provider for supporting the latest versions of core system components such as Ruby, which would not always be available on the PaaS directly after the public release.

Jon Hyman, co-founder and CIO of Appboy, said: “Rackspace can take control of our infrastructure and really understand everything that we are running on. It’s been really useful for us, as we are able to offload the majority of our server automation support over to Rackspace, while we focus on our core application.”

Appboy has reduced server build times by 67 percent by using automation solutions built specifically for their needs and allowing them to handle unpredictable traffic spikes from hundreds of millions of users.

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