Panduit launches new energy efficient data center cabinet system

Infotech Lead America: Panduit has launched its new Energy Efficient Data Center Cabinet System.

Panduit claims that this cabinet system eliminates bypass air and the mixing of cold air and exhaust air within the cabinet and the data center, optimizing cooling capacity and reducing cooling energy consumption by over 40 percent.

This cabinet system can be deployed into raised or slab floor environments and can be integrated with any cooling method to provide data center design flexibility. A full range of sizes, depths and colors provide a solution for every application, and streamlined shipping and delivery methods help support sustainability goals and increase supply chain efficiency.

“Complete separation of cold air and hot air is the best way to improve cooling energy utilization and reduce energy consumption,” said Dennis Renaud, Panduit Vice President of Datacomm Products. “Gaps in the cabinet and poor airflow direction allow cool air to bypass equipment and mix with exhaust air, reducing cooling capacity and efficiency.”

To ensure that thermal efficiency is maintained over time, the Panduit Physical Infrastructure Management (PIM) software solution provides active monitoring and management of the power and cooling environment.

By instrumenting the cabinet system with environmental sensors, metered power outlet units and intelligent patch panels, future growth and changes can be accommodated and optimized for thermal, power, space and connectivity. These capabilities along with functionality recently acquired from Unite Technologies power management platform, form a holistic solution for data center and enterprise management.

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