OVH launches first data centre in India as it expands in Asia-Pacific

OVH Group has launched its first data centre in India as it expands in the Asia-Pacific region amid concerns over data privacy.
OVH Cloud businessOVH has reported revenues of €382 million in the first half of 2022. OVH has generated revenue of €190 million from France, €109 million from Europe (excluding France) and €83 million from United States and Asia Pacific and the rest during the first half.

OVH said the new data centre in Mumbai will provide Indian businesses with local computer and storage infrastructure to meet changing data compliance needs as India digitalises and pushes for more data protection. OVH did not reveal financial details.

The Indian market for public cloud services would reach $13 billion by 2026, with a compound-annual-growth rate of 23.1 percent between 2021-2026, according to research report from IDC.

OVH’s strategy banks on opening 15 new sites around the world by 2024, also in Sydney and Singapore.

The company already has over 30 data centres in the world and employs over 2,200 people.

OVHcloud recorded double-digit growth in sales with its more than 850 global and local partners. The success of this ecosystem is also confirmed with start-ups, with more than 300 new start-ups integrated into the programme during the first half of the year.

OVH has reported revenue of €233 million from public cloud, €60 million from private cloud and €90 million from web cloud during the first of 2022.

OVH incurred a capital expenditure of €226 million in the first half of 2022, compared to €157 million the previous year.

OVH earlier said growth capital expenditure as a percentage of revenue is expected to be 30-34 percent, while recurring capital expenditure as a percentage of revenue should decrease to 14-16 percent in line with productivity improvements.

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