Orange Business to manage data center for HP government

Bala Mahadevan, Orange Business Services
Orange Business Services has deployed green data center for the Himachal Pradesh government that will be the cornerstone of the state’s IT modernization.

This is the first state data center in the country which has been designed using green data center concepts that minimize power requirements and increase power utilization efficiency.

Orange Business Services will manage the data center for five years and will host approximately 200 e-governance applications ranging from land records, health management system to safe city applications.

Bala Mahadevan, CEO of Orange Business Services India, said: “Technology is set to redefine India. We focus on humanizing technology and believe that technology only becomes innovation when useful to the greatest number of people.”

Orange Business Services is also working with multiple Indian state governments to help them build and upgrade their data centers, as well as make them more efficient, and cost effective.

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