NTT Communications opens data center in Hong Kong

Infotech Lead Asia: NTT Communications has opened its data center in Hong Kong.

The Tier IV ready FDC offers 100 percent uptime, NTT Communications said on Friday.

NTT Communications seeks to address the growing needs for industries like finance and cloud business.

The company is expected to complete phase two of the FDC in 2015.

Hong Kong houses the sixth largest stock exchange in the world and capital inflow is expected to see a meteoric rise with the launches of QDII2 and RQDII pilot scheme.

Many regional financial services institutions (FSIs) are boosting their IT capabilities in preparation for increasing market opportunities. As a result, computer-driven trading is forecasted to comprise 58 percent for all equities trading in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and India this year.

Takanobu Maeda, president & CEO, NTT Com Asia, said: “The fact that 80 percent of Phase One has already been reserved not only illustrates that this is a decision well-made, it also offers testament to our commitment in building Hong Kong as an important financial and ICT hub.”

The two phases has over 70,000 m2 of gross floor area and over 6,000 racks in total. In addition to its high capacity, the FDC is also equipped with an 8-tiered security access control, offering a strong value proposition for industry players who are most concerned about their data asset.

The FDC houses the landing station of the new Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) which connects key financial hubs in Asia with the shortest possible route that boasts industry leading network latency of less than 43 milliseconds from Hong Kong to Tokyo and less than 64 milliseconds from Singapore to Tokyo.

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