NTT Communications’ disaster-resilient data center opens in Osaka

NTT communications

NTT Communications opened its fifth data center in Japan’s Kansai Region,  featuring disaster resilient measures. The facility offers approximately 3,500 m2 of server room, equivalent to 1,600 racks.

Osaka 5 Data Center comprises 11 floors and it is the newest addition to NTT Com’s Nexcenter data center service, which combines extensive disaster countermeasures and ideal network environments.

NTT said the facility is equipped for disaster recovery to minimize the impact of any envisioned disaster in Osaka, including earthquake, tsunami or flood in the event of a major tremor in the Nankai Trough.

In the unlikely event that water were to reach the data center, equipment would continue to operate safely because the electric power equipment, communication facilities, server rooms and other important facilities are located on the second floor or above, over seven meters above ground level.

The seismic-isolation device, attached with the building, will lessen the impact of strong shaking by the earthquake.

Electricity is sourced from separate power substations for extra-highly reliable power supply. The facility is connected directly to a large quakeproof communication cable tunnel that is designed to protect cables from damage due to earthquakes as well as road construction.

The Osaka 5 Data Center provides rental office space with back-up power to enable customers to manage BCP solutions easily.

The Osaka 5 Data Center is connected directly to the NTT Com’s major data center in western Japan, which accommodates Internet exchange (IX), via optical fiber run through cable tunnels.

Furthermore, the data center has adopted a cooling wall to reduce power consumption by blowing cold air in the server room, in addition to using indirect outside air cooling.

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