NTT Communications to Construct Osaka 5 Data Center

NTT Communication Corporation (NTT Com) has decided to construct Osaka 5 Data Centre in Ozaka to provide high quality and cost efficiency in cloud and collocation services.

In a statement NTT Com, the ICT solutions and international communication business within the NTT group, said that the project would be commenced in the first quarter of 2016. The facility offers 3700 m2 of server room and can withstand big earth quakes equal to Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

NTT Com’s virtual networks incorporate SDN (software-defined network) and Open Flow technologies to enable users to change system configurations flexibly and on demand.

NTT Com has designed Osaka 5 Data Center with energy-efficient air conditioning systems that incorporate water cooling, end wall injection air conditioning and outdoor-air use to reduce power consumption.

The facility, which also features highly efficient power equipment, will be capable of a 1.3 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating. This would be a first in the surrounding Kansai region and one of the highest levels in Japan.

Compared to similar facilities, construction and operating costs will be reduced by some 30% through use of an existing building foundation, adoption of mega-structure designing to reduce steel consumption while maintaining rigidity, and a highly efficient facility layout.

“Furthermore, the facility is connected directly to a large quakeproof communication cable tunnel that is designed to protect cables during earthquakes, as well as road construction. The data center site is about six km from Osaka Bay and three km from the Yodo River, safe distances from tsunamis, floods and high tides,” said company officials.

Direct connection of optical fiber will be possible through cable tunneling and proximity to the Dojima area, the Kansai region’s major site for Internet exchanges. Customers will enjoy an uninterrupted, high-quality network environment equivalent to that of the Dojima area.

Looking ahead, NTT Com expects Osaka 5 Data Center to help meet growing concerns in Japan for unexpectedly powerful natural disasters and rising energy costs, which have led to rapidly increasing ICT outsourcing, disaster-recovery countermeasures and cloud computing.

In response, NTT Com is adding data centers and expanding related services, especially in Osaka, where a growing number of financial and manufacturing companies are relocating headquarters or using facilities in Osaka to back up data centers in Tokyo.

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