NTT Com launches new Hong Kong Financial Data Center

NTT Communications FDC2 Launch

NTT Communications or NTT Com has announced the opening of its Tier IV ready FDC2 – the second phase of its Hong Kong Financial Data Center.

FDC2 marks the completion of the HKD 4 billion purpose-built data center complex offering a total of 7000+ racks, which is currently the city’s largest in capacity, the company said.

FDC2 is designed to help increasingly data-centric enterprises accelerate digital transformation, NTT Com said. It not only reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for its customers, but also delivers high visibility to the enhanced level of data center service commitment.

“The establishment of FDC2 is set to address the acute demand of enterprises’ digital transformation as they capitalize global business opportunities,” said Tetsuya Shoji, president & CEO, NTT Com, in a statement.

Land scarcity and high rents in ICT hubs like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore drive the need for smarter and more cost-efficient data center strategies. Increasing power density provides an answer by optimizing customers’ TCO, as more servers can be put on a rack on premises, NTT Com said.

Watch the video here (Source: NTT Com)

FDC2 can host a power density up to 24kVA per rack with the ability to also host ultra-tall racks up to 54U, for accommodating a maximum number of IT equipment thanks to advanced technologies like Cooling Wall and Cooling Battery.

The new technologies not only enable the ultra-high power density with 100 percent uptime guarantee, but also increase the cooling energy efficiency by over 20 percent and helps FDC2 achieve a market leading annualized PUE of below 1.5 at full load condition, the company said.

The Hong Kong government has made every effort to make available suitable land for data center development, from greenfield sites to conversion of existing industrial buildings, said Nicholas Yang, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR Government.

The government will continue to explore different means to make available more suitable land for data center use in Hong Kong such as through development of caverns, Yang added.

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