NTT Com delivers on-demand management of Internet/ VPN circuits

NTT Communications (NTT Com) is now offering immediate on-demand management of cloud-connected Internet and VPN circuits, as well as cloud-based settings for server and network segments in virtual servers.

The SDN based technology allows users to add/subtract server resources, bring changes in connected circuit bandwidth, add network segments and make changes in VPN circuit-routing information. It will help the company deliver immediate, seamless management of network operations on an on-demand basis via their customer portal.

With NTT’s newly strengthened Enterprise Cloud, processes can be managed directly and changes are reflected immediately. Function settings can be changed via the customer portal.

NTT ComThe new features are designed to support future Enterprise Cloud infrastructure that allows them to directly manage network settings, including VPN and Internet circuits, as well as existing settings for items such as compute resources, storage and network machines such as firewalls.

NTT Com has also introduced several new features that allow users to change VPN circuits connected to cloud infrastructure. Users can change VPN bandwidth and routing information in NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One service. They can also change network configurations to meet temporary needs.

With the new customer portal, users can also establish or eliminate Internet circuits, as well as change bandwidth and add global IP addresses. They can modify bandwidth within a wide range between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

NTT Com also allows customers to modify server segments. They can add/delete up to 24 server segments on demand, allowing them to modify system structure in the cloud for short-term optimization.

Combining this function with VPN/Internet circuit modifications, customers will be able to manage their network environments and related systems directly and on-demand.

The option to change VPN circuits will be available initially at data centers in Kanto region. The options to Add, Change or Delete Internet circuits; and add or delete cloud networks option will be available initially in Kansai region, the company said.
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