NTT Com builds the largest data center in Indonesia

NTT Com data center in Indonesia

NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced it is developing “the largest data center in Indonesia.”

Named as “Indonesia Jakarta 3 Data Center” (JKT3), the new campus can occupy up to 18,000 sqm (7,800 racks) IT space and 45MW IT load once fully developed.

This is the first project of NTT Global Data Centers (GDC), established to strengthen data center business, the company said.

Indonesia Jakarta 3 Data Center campus is located at Bekasi, 30 km east of central Jakarta.

The demand for data centers in Indonesia is booming, at an annual growth rate of above 21 percent.

The market is largely driven by the needs arising from financial institutions in line with the Electronic Commerce Act and related regulations.

The new regulations mandate that operators who manage public data must use domestic data center, and as per an amendment to the ordinance, operators need to store customer data in domestic data centers or overseas ones.

Further, there is strong demand from OTT services, which use Internet for communications.

Since JKT3 enables customers to customize its server room while also providing colocation space by the rack, it will meet the demands from OTTs and financial institutions who require flexible facility design, according to NTT Com.



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