NextFort chooses Toshiba’s highly efficient UPS system

Infotech Lead America: NextFort Ventures Chandler, owner and operator of a modular data center, has chosen Toshiba International Corporation as the supplier of highly efficient uninterruptible power systems (UPS). These are being deployed in NextFort’s new 180,000 square foot data center in Chandler, AZ.

The Toshiba G9000 UPS series from Toshiba is widely recognized as the most efficient and reliable static UPS for powering medium to large data centers. The G9000 UPS achieves 97 percent efficiency without resorting to a “power save mode,” enabling super-high efficiency, 100 percent uptime and power conditioning.

Even at 20 percent loading, the efficiency of Toshiba G9000 UPS remains greater than 94 percent. This is 10 to 20 percent better than current industry systems, making it the best bet for NextFort’s business model which focuses on leveraging the reduced operating costs.

NextFort focuses on the design, construction and operation of energy efficient, highly modular, and ultra secure data centers, highly emphasizing maximum energy efficiency throughout the data center further reducing operating costs. This approach provides each customer with their own turnkey, financial grade data center solution as a completely self-contained environment. Customers then benefit from flexibility and scalability in how they deploy modular units of data center capacity

NextFort’s innovative design facilitates the deployment by customers of modern, high-density computing infrastructure services such as cloud computing. NextFort’s Phase 1 launch in March features 130,000 sq. ft. of NextFort High-Density Computing Suites (NextFort HCS) which are completely self-contained, all concrete and steel rooms. These rooms are designed to house up to 20 high-density IT racks for a total IT load up to 225KW (up to 600 watts/sq ft.).

NextFort’s HCSs are arranged in clusters and each cluster will be powered by five Toshiba G9000 units with an overall power of 2 megawatts per cluster. Future expansion calls for 50,000 square feet of modular data center space for additional HCS suites that can be rapidly deployed.

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