Netmagic launches two new datacenters in Mumbai and Bangalore

NTT Communications subsidiary Netmagic has launched two new datacenters in Mumbai and Bangalore.
NTT data centerMumbai’s datacenter will offer 7,900 m2 of server room area — equivalent to 2,750 racks.

Bangalore datacenter will offer 5,700 m2 of server room area — equivalent to 1,500 racks.

These two facilities will expand NTT Com’s datacenter capacity – in terms of server room — in India by 70 percent.

“These facilities are a part of our Nexcenter brand of Global datacenter services providing ICT solutions combining datacenter/cloud, network and managed services,” said Takanobu Maeda, senior vice president Global Business, NTT Communications.

India is Asia’s third largest market for datacenter services, following Japan and China, and market growth is 25 percent to 30 percent.

Datacenters are using more data as large IT providers launch new cloud services for mobile internet, e-commerce, IoT and big data.

NTT Com, which offers Netmagic datacenters in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai, earlier opened its India Bangalore data center in 2014 and India Mumbai data center in 2015.

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